RMCNews with Kathy Peterson – Windsor, Colorado … The tradition of participating in the Windsor annual fall parade continues at Windsor Elm Haven church.

For the last four years, the church has gathered to build a float to join the much-anticipated fall parade. The float themes have ranged from ones depicting the stories of the Flood, Jonah, and this year, highlighted Moses receiving the Ten Commandments.

Spectators at the September 6 event have enjoyed witnessing the unique floats passing them.  During the Jonah float, a little boy could be overhead shouting, “Moses, get out of that whale’s mouth!” His advice was to the wrong Bible character, but the individuals around him had a great laugh as a Bible hero was celebrated.

The church members recognize the significance of this unique way to reach the community.

“Folks now recognize us as we bring a new Bible float to the event [each year], and many mentioned our float when they walked by the booth we have at the event. It gives us a great opening to invite kids to take a small toy and storybooks about Jesus. Sometimes adults are more reluctant to take books and pamphlets, but we [are able to] give away a large amount as we chat with our neighbors. It is easier each year as we get to know them all and show our interest in being a part of Windsor,” Kathy Peterson, children and youth leader at Windsor Elm Haven church, said.

Every year, the Elm Haven’s floats have earned first place in religious and non-profit categories and a monetary gift that helps them plan for the next float.

–Kathy Peterson is children and youth leader at Windsor Elm Haven church; photos courtesy of Windsor Elm Haven Facebook page