Pedro Vieira – Loveland, Colorado … The Campion Academy in Loveland, Colorado, Senior Class of 2024 had their last big adventure together in Florida, relaxing on the beach, exploring amusement parks, and eating at excellent restaurants, April 16-22.

On April 16, the senior students had to wake up at 3:00 a.m. to load the bus and go to the airport for a flight to Tampa, Florida. Although it was early, they were very excited to spend time together and ready to have a lot of fun.

Once they arrived in Tampa, they settled into the two houses they had rented part way between Tampa and Orlando. The students enjoyed relaxing or swimming in the house’s pool.

Daytona Beach, Florida, was the first place scheduled for the seniors on April 17. With such a beautiful view of the ocean and good weather, they could enjoy the beach and some attractions like the fastest slingshot in the world. After Daytona Beach, the seniors went to Hibachi grill and buffet, an Asian restaurant where they could end their day with good food. They ended the day having worship together outside.

Eriane Saraiva, Campion senior student, shared, “I loved how beautiful Daytona Beach is. The weather was so good and that made the first day of senior trip amazing. The slingshot scared me a little bit, but it was something that I’ll never forget. Also, the place we went to eat Asian food was very good; I loved it.”

The seniors headed to Universal Studios where they got to experience one of the most popular theme parks in the world, April 18. After they were exhausted from walking the whole day, they got to try some of the Brazilian food at the Cafe Mineiro Buffet.

“I would definitely love to say that one of my favorite things that we did as a group was go to this Brazilian restaurant and eat amazing food that I had never tasted before! I would definitely eat there again,” Sujamis Colmenares added.

On April 20, to take a Sabbath day to rest in nature, the students went to Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida, where they reserved a picnic area to have worship with a sermon provided by student Andrew Kramer. After worship, students swam and relaxed on the sand.

In the evening, the students got to watch a beautiful performance at Disney Springs: Cirque du Solei. Ekenna Nwankwo, student, shared, “Honeymoon Island was nice, despite the mosquitos. It was very relaxing, and the beach was beautiful. It was a great way to spend the Sabbath. Also, Cirque du Solei was very exciting; I loved it.”

The students went on a cruise on the boat “Calypso Queen” on April 21, as a class and explored a little bit of Clear Water Beach in the city of Clearwater, Florida.

“Senior trip was something I had been counting down to ever since I was a freshman. When it was finally here, I was super excited. I loved every single thing we did,” student Natalya Razafinddrabe shared.

—Pedro Vieira is Campion Academy Student News Team. Photos supplied.