The Rocky Mountain Conference Health Ministries endeavors to provide support and resources to each local church for their personal health and the health of their community; to bring into reality the “right arm” concept, equipping our members with the desire and skill to represent Jesus as they become powerful ministers of health to their community.

Health is something we all want, but it usually does not come without effort.  Our lifestyle has a lot to do with whether we have health or not.  God in His loving wisdom has given us instructions, which if followed will go a long way toward giving us a happy and healthy life.  But this often involves making changes and giving up things that we like. This is also made distasteful by criticism from those who want you to be more like them.  Here at RMC we want to present a different way, a Christ centered way.  Instead of just information we want to be a helpful friend, instead of criticism we want to offer a non-judgmental support wherever you are in your road to health.  Instead of being compared to someone that is “doing everything right” we want to see everyone on the path to health as equals to be accepted and supported in their sometime difficult journey.  As our attitude and choices continue to grow closer to what God would have us be, we will reflect Him more perfectly until all will know what He is like and that they can trust Him also.

Ongoing Personal Support Team Training
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* These presentations come from the misconception that we have all come from cavemen. This concept is the foundation of both pro and con Paleo promoters and has value as they compare apples with apples. However when searching for the best diet for health I prefer to go back to when there was no disease or even death as we came from our Creator’s hand. I hope that you will keep this in mind when learning about this topic.

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