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God answers prayer and we want to pray for you! Please submit your request and it will be emailed to the prayer team.

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Knowing Christ and Making Him Fully Known

Our Mission

MISSION: Enlarge the kingdom of Jesus Christ in
our territory

VISION: Enlarge the territory Jesus has in each heart, and enlarge our conference family by welcoming new followers of Christ

Enable others to flourish in Christ


Jesus is our highest focus

The message of God’s loving character, grace, and
soon return is faithfully represented by our people
to those around them

Spiritually healthy and growing congregations

Strong Adventist education system

Youth/young adults fully integrated in
church life and leadership

All members experience the joy
of faithful stewardship

That our churches will matter to our communities

Each able member committed to Christian service

Each member growing in Christ
and ready for His return

* Our aspirations are what results from the combined efforts of
our pastors, teachers, churches, schools, members,
and conference office.

Our Priorities

Reaching our communities for Christ through evangelism, outreach, and community service

Church leadership and participation that encompasses all age groups

Increase lay training opportunities

Develop long-term strategies to address changing church demographics and financial barriers

Denver Metro master plan to address local issues

Develop strategy to take best advantage of all that the International Camporee brings in Gillette, WY