2022 Retreat

September 23-25

For help with registration please contact Marlene at 970-227-6151.

Denver West Women’s Ministry Luncheon

September 23-25

Denver West Church is cordially inviting you to attend a very special event not limited to a single age group.
The topic of this important testimony will touch your heart.
The guest speaker is Amanda Blackwood, a survivor of human trafficking.
About: Imagine you or someone you love lost a child to a kidnapper. Every year it happens to thousands of
families in our nation alone. It happens every day, and most people think it could never happen to them, or that
kind of thing doesn’t happen in the United States. Sadly, it’s not restricted to third world countries. It never has
been. I should know; it happened to me. My name is Amanda and I’m a survivor of human trafficking.

Where: Denver West Adventist Church
290 S. Quitman St. Denver, CO 80219
When: October 16, 2022 @ 11:00 A.M.

2022 Calendar of Events

September 23-25 – RMC women’s ministries annual retreat will be held at Glacier View Ranch. This is for women of all ages. The featured speaker is Sharon Leach, a gifted and delightful woman with a profound experience with Jesus who has a knack for powerful and uplifting biblical messages. Sharon was the first female vice president of Southwestern Adventist University. The weekend theme is, “When Jesus Enters Your Story….You Can Become God’s Wonder Woman!” Leach will be sharing the stories of women in Jesus’ lineage who became “God’s Wonder Women” when Jesus entered their stories! Teens are invited to come with their mom or a parent-approved chaperone. The teens will enjoy their own weekend speakers and activities. Get on the mailing list to receive the Registration Form. Call 303-282-3638 and leave a message that you want to attend. Please include name, email (include spelling, if necessary), and phone. A Registration Form will be emailed as soon as it’s available.

October 28 and 29 – A special weekend for women at the Campion Church. Special features and guest speakers will be announced.


We’re glad you stopped by! Women’s ministries just that – all kinds of ministry done by all ages of women all around Rocky Mountain Conference! What’s ministry? The dictionary defines ministry as the act of serving.

Rocky Mountain Adventist Women are on a journey together – seeking to know Jesus better every day, the one who gave us the ultimate example of serving.

We do this by gathering for Bible study and times of prayer. We do this by serving in our local churches. We do this by providing times of laughter and fun as girlfriends. We do this by planning baby showers and bridal showers and taking meals and watching each other’s kids. We do this by helping our neighbors and sharing each other’s burdens.

We laugh together. We cry together. We grow together. We serve together. We are Rocky Mountain Adventist Women, and we minister every day.

C’mon! Join us!

Watch for upcoming events and share yours with us! Remember, the most important women’s ministries “event” you can do is to connect with other women to pray, laugh, serve, and grow!

To find out more about women’s ministries, ask your local church women’s ministries leader how you can help.

Jana Thurber
Women’s Ministries Coordinator
Email: [email protected]