The Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department exists to inform thought leaders of religious liberty issues, point out the needs and rights of minorities, influence legislation to protect the rights of citizens to freely exercise their religious freedom, and to defend the rights of church members to freely exercise their faith and religious freedom.

Any member who needs help regarding a work-related Sabbath issue may contact their local pastor or Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director.

We believe in religious freedom for ourselves as well as for others. Liberty magazine, designed for thought leaders (local, state-wide and national), helps accomplish this goal. Each church is invited to participate in the Liberty campaign during the month of January in order to make Liberty available to thought leaders across America. The funds received from this campaign also provide legal counsel to assist members in getting fair treatment in the workplace and in the courts.

Reading Liberty magazine and the Adventist Review will give an Adventist perspective, which can be quite different from the general evangelical thought. Please support the Liberty campaign, and pray and work that Christ’s coming may be soon.

Visit the Liberty Magazine website where you will find the campaign materials including the sermon.

Click Here for campaign resources (order form, sermon booket, etc…).

Nathaniel Gamble

Public Affairs & Religious Liberty

Phone: 303-282-3679