The Lay Pastor program is designed to help members across the Rocky Mountain Conference to have the tools and knowledge to be able to be more effective as they minister to their community, help to grow a healthy and active local church, and to support their local pastor. Each time we meet we will have a theological focus as well as a ministry based focus.

In this program you will be exposed to a variety of areas of ministry and develop a deeper theological understanding. Below are just a few areas that will be covered.

Potential Theological Topics

  • Salvation
  • Sanctuary
  • State of the Dead
  • Sabbath
  • Second Coming
  • Spirit of Prophecy
  • Trinity
  • Prayer

Potential Ministry Topics

  • Servant Leadership
  • Evangelism & outreach
  • Bible Studies
  • Preaching
  • Pastoral Visitations
  • Conflict Management
  • Social Media
  • Discipleship

The Lay Pastor Program is currently planning to have cohorts in Denver and Grand Junction.

Denver Cohort Dates Grand Junction Cohort Dates
Jan 28-30, 2022 Feb 18-20,2022
April 29-May 1, 2022 May 20-22, 2022
Sept 16-18, 2022 Oct 28-30, 2022



Lay Pastor Training and Lay Pastor Endorsement PDF

For more information contact Pastor Nate Skaife [email protected]