Loveland, Colorado… Entering its 113 years in 2020, Campion Academy celebrates another anniversary, the 100th birthday of Sara Nelson. A friend of Campion celebrated her centennial with family and friends during the last weekend of 2019.

She is a spry lady and is enjoying life and family, reflected Don Reeder, Campion Academy principal. “When I think of her, my thought is commitment. She has a legacy with Campion as she has 13 children and grandchildren who have attended Campion Academy. Twelve of them have graduated from the academy,” he said.

“That is quite a commitment,” added Reeder.

Reeder chose to express Campion Academy’s continued commitment to Adventist Christian Education. “The church recognized that using the mechanism of education is a powerful way to spread the Good News of Jesus. Studies show that students who attend Seventh-day Adventist schools are more likely to remain in the church,” he commented in the first 2020 edition of Campion Academy newsletter. “Our mission is to receive as many students as we can into our school where they can learn more of Jesus and be trained to share Jesus,” he stated.

In the words of Reeder, “Campion remains committed to this mission: ‘Experiencing Christ in a Learning Environment. Campion is a safe place where students can learn of Jesus and be trained to tell the world about Him. This is our commitment for 2020!”

Currently, Campion’s enrollment is 145 with expected 151 beginning of next term.

The Colorado school is enjoying an international recruitment of students from Africa, China, Latin and South America, as well as other countries in Asia, with 25 international students at the school presently.

–Don Reeder; photo supplied

Pictured is Sara Nelson, center, with her family members. Back row: Russell Nelson, Erik Nelson, Steven Nelson, Tim Nelson, Scott Nelson. Women: Jamie Sellers Lyvers, Jessalene Sellers Padilla, Grandma Nelson, Jodi Sellers, Michelle Nelson Greenlee, and in front Janet Sellers King.