Denver, Colorado … For Seventh-day Adventists in the Rocky Mountain Conference, Town Halls are part of our calendar. This year, one of the eleven gatherings is coming to your area in the month of March. Two Town Halls–Campion and Denver South Hispanic churches–are still to be scheduled.

“Our overall goal is for the churches to be informed about what’s going on in the conference as well as for church members to inform Conference leadership the blessings and challenges in our conference,” says Eric Nelson, RMC VP for administration.

“It’s a special privilege that administration has to visit the regions of our large conference. We truly enjoy meeting the people and having a chance to exchange thoughts and perspectives that are unique to each area of our conference,” Nelson added.

The RMC leaders are taking this time to visit Wyoming more intensively by conducting Town Hall meetings in a church in each district. “We did this early on when Ed Barnett, assumed the role of RMC President. It was a blessing to administration, and certainly provided a wonderful time to interact with and be informed about the church’s particular interests in the specific districts of Wyoming,” Nelson commented.

RMC By-laws mandate that administration conduct six Town Hall meetings each year as an avenue of communication and interaction with the Conference regions in our three states – Colorado, Wyoming, and San Juan County in Northern New Mexico.

In 2020, the Conference administrators and several departmental directors are planning to go well beyond the required regional meetings to include more intentional interaction with the Wyoming churches and to include a Hispanic Town Hall.

–RMCNews; photo from 2017 Farmington Town Hall by Rajmund Dabrowski

Town Hall Meetings 2020 – meetings begin at 6 p.m.

Light supper at 5:30 p.m.

Monday March 16 Farmington
Tuesday March 17 Grand Junction
Wednesday March 18 Colorado Springs
Thursday March 19 Metro – Lifesource
Sunday March 22 Riverton
Monday March 23 Cody
Tuesday March 24 Casper
Wednesday March 25 Gillette
Thursday March 26 Cheyenne
TBA Sabbath Campion
TBA Sabbath Denver South Hispanic