Denver, Colorado … “As the remodeling of our Lifestyle Center reaches completion, I can’t help but become excited about the future of this ministry,” comments Rick Mautz, RMC health director.

Mautz believes lives will be changed forever for those walking through the Lifestyle Center’s doors.  “Many will find hope, when all they saw in their future was a life-altering disease that through simple lifestyle changes can be controlled and even reversed.  In my many years in lifestyle medicine, I have found a ministry that is so rewarding. I can’t wait to see individuals experience that same joy and satisfaction as the volunteer team will here at the Rocky Mountain Lifestyle Center,” explains Mautz.

The Lifestyle Center’s vision is: “To reflect Christ to our community through education and support of whole person wellness.”  That community will include those in our immediate surrounding neighborhood, Adventist church members, and pastors.  It will also include taking the Center’s services to local churches and venues, and training the health directors of our constituent churches.

The Center’s team is also planning to film the programs and share them on such platforms as Facebook or YouTube. This will be available as the activities at the Center develop further.

For individuals who are close enough to take advantage of the Lifestyle Center’s services, they will be pleased to learn about what the venue will offer. This includes a lecture area seating 30 participants; an exercise area with treadmill, exercise bicycles and hand weights; a library of health resources, with selected health books for purchase; and displays and hand-outs of health information. Free health partner support will also be offered.

The Center will soon begin the second remodeling phase of the cooking school kitchen. According to Mautz, “our first program is being planned for February 20 with a free information session for the Diabetes Undone program. This will run for 10 Thursday nights at 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Since diabetes is regarded as the most severe epidemic in the U.S., the program will offer successful solutions for reversing it or putting it into remission.

“Individuals are amazed when they learn that most of our lifestyle services will be free of charge. We can only offer it free because all of our staff members are volunteers,” Mautz adds.  Volunteers are being interviewed now. For those who want to be involved, even without health care experience, the Center has openings for many areas of need.  Call Rick Mautz at 303-909-8274.

RMCNews with Rick Mautz; photos by Rajmund Dabrowski