Loveland, Colorado … Kindergarten through fourth grade students at HMS Richards Elementary worked hard during the month of December 2019 on a fundraiser to send funds to the city of Cebu in the Philippines.

Teachers Kari Lange and Kristie Smith used to teach with Geraldine Walker at Wood Adventist Christian School in Aurora, Colorado, who, while teaching in Colorado, would regularly send money back to her family and village in Cebu.

Walker relocated back to Cebu to be close to her family. She has recently felt the calling to preach and begin a project to rebuild the village church that was damaged by an earthquake and a flood. Knowing that Walker would need help financing the church rebuilding, Lange and Smith decided to start a fundraiser.

Lange and Smith got their students involved in helping make over 60-dozen bread rolls to sell before Thanksgiving. Shirley Turner, a church volunteer, helped oversee the process of making the rolls. Students were able to help in the dough-making process and selling of the rolls. In the end, the fundraiser sold all 60-dozen bread rolls, which was the equivalent of about $300.

“it was so fun to see everyone working so hard, laughing, and just enjoying using their hands for someone else! Everyone said they would love to do it again,” Lange commented.

The teachers plan to continue sending sending to the building project in Cebu by having more fundraisers throughout the year.

–Megan Michalenko; photo supplied