Glacier View Ranch, Colorado… Annual gathering of pastors from nearly 130 congregations in the Rocky Mountain Conference will meet, January 5-8, to further “learn ways to make Christ known in RMC,” says Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director.

“Besides fellowship, rest and relaxation, this retreat is designed to give our pastors practical tools to help them be more effective in their ministry,” he comments. “Like last year, there is also a program for the pastoral spouses,” he adds.

Presenters at the 2020 gathering will include members of the Ministerial Department team from North American Division (NAD), including Ivan Williams, Jose Cortez, Ester Knott and Dave Gemmell, as well as Mic Thurber – Mid-America Union Conference ministerial director. A special section in the program includes risk management presentation by Leander Tomazeli, NAD Risk Management Account Executive. RMC’s Ed Barnett, president and other Conference administration and ministry leaders will also be available to discuss program areas of the Conference.

According to Mallory, “a unique feature of this retreat will be a video presentation called the Story of Joshua. This feature identifies common struggles that pastors experience and examines pastoral experiences throughout the North American Division who have been able to work through those struggles.”

–RMCNews, photo by Rajmund Dabrowski