By Jon Roberts – Casper, Wyoming … Adventure awaits at Mills Spring Ranch, July 13–18, during the Wyoming camp meeting.

The five-day gathering will not only refresh and reenergize your soul; it will also provide fellowship, new friends, and plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of Wyoming.

The event theme “Fearless” will include feature presentations by Tom Lemon, vice president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and former president of the Mid-America Union Conference. The gathering will also have daily seminars on men’s ministry, sharing ministry, and stewardship.

The afternoon is available to explore Mills Spring Ranch and the wide-open spaces of Wyoming’s nature. Suggested activities include fly fishing, photography, hiking, and rock climbing. Dr. Scott Grivas from A Pattern Lifestyle Center will also be providing afternoon seminars on health.

Ensuring that the physical body doesn’t go without nourishment, chefs Debbie and Dennis Pumford return to provide attendees with culinary masterpieces.

Sabbath will be a day of togetherness beginning with a Sabbath School discussion led by Wyoming pastors followed by Lemon providing a thoughtful message. Later in the day, attendees can enjoy a concert that will be sure to satisfy the soul.

Go ahead and request time off from work, pack your bags, and take a road trip this summer to Mills Spring Ranch to enjoy what has been missed in the Zoom world from which we have finally emerged–togetherness with human interactions and nature.

To register for camp meeting please click here…/WYCampMeetingReg.pdf or email [email protected]

–Jon Roberts is RMC communication / media assistant; photo by Rajmund Dabrowski