RMCNews – Denver, Colorado … Much anticipated meeting of the Rocky Mountain Conference Executive Committee, June 15, considered candidates for the office of RMC president and RMC vice president for finance. Gary Thurber, president of Mid-America Union Conference who formerly was also president of RMC, chaired the Executive Session. The committee members voted to return in special session on July 21, 2021, to continue the selection process for a new president. The members also voted authority for the administration to proceed hiring a candidate whose name was presented to the committee for vice president for finance.

During what was his last RMC financial report to the Committee, George Crumley, vice president for finance, said that total tithe is up 16.13% and base tithe is up 17.32% over 2020 fiscal year.  “This is a very strong start for the year.  Even when we compare with April year-to-date in 2019, we still have a strong gain.”

Additionally, he shared the April Financial Report. The RMC YTD increase is well ahead of budget. Also, “we were able to vote to release capital funding to three different churches, Fort Collins, Alamosa, and Campion, that have been on a waiting list for a release of funds for a number of months based on requests they had made in the past,” reported Crumley, who is moving as vice president for finance for the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference at the end of June.

Several adjustments to the makeup of church districts were voted during the first part of the committee. These will include Pagosa Springs moving into Alamosa and Monte Vista district as of September 1; similarly, Durango church will be moving into Cortez District, and as of December 1, Nucla will be under care of new associate pastor in Grand Junction. The status of Dove Creek church is being reviewed. Colorado Indonesian-American Church and First Denver Indonesian district will be served by their own pastors.

Doug Inglish, vice president for administration, reported that The Adventure church is seeking a lead pastor, as well as Campion church has an opening for an associate pastor. Two new ministers were hired for the Indonesian congregations – Widy Gara as half time pastor of First Denver Indonesian church as of June 1, and Paraban Lim as pastor of Colorado Indonesian-American Church as of September 1.

Three candidates were approved for ordination – Mark Bridgment from The Adventure Church, Jani Pungus from Arvada Indonesian company, and Tim Jones from Twin Peaks and Mountain View churches. These names will be forwarded for approval by the Mid-America Union Conference.

The committee voted the following resolution, that “Employees of RMC who are asked to serve on the boards of non-conference supportive ministries, such as but not limited to La Vida Mission, VOP, Eden Valley, etc., do so as individuals and not because they hold specific positions at RMC.”

The committee also voted to accept the retirements of Debbie Ashton, Ed Barnett, Dennis Bresee, Gayla Groenweg, Gary Force, Wayne Gayton, and Yorum Tumbartante.

Ed Barnett, who will retire at the end of August, and may have attended the Executive Committee for the last time as RMC president, commented: “The Conference has been blessed with an Executive Committee that has thoughtfully, prayerfully thought through each decision that had been made over the last four years. There has always been a Christian Spirit in the room. I believe this committee is the best I have ever worked with. It’s my prayer that God will continue to bless the Rocky Mountain Conference.”

–RMCNews; photo by Rajmund Dabrowski