By Jon Roberts – Littleton, Colorado … “God is the One,” was the message presented by three young preachers to the Littleton congregation, highlighting the value of all generations, especially the youth.

Coinciding with the ongoing sermon series, “Will You Fight the Good Fight?” based on 2nd Timothy, three young people presented short messages on Chapter 2 of the book.

“These young fighters didn’t just speak today. They powerfully preached 2 Timothy 2 verse by verse,” Andy Nash, lead pastor at Littleton said. He went on by calling them modern day Timothys referring to the biblical Timothy’s young age when he preached the gospel.

Speaking on 2 Timothy 2:14-18 Gabriel Fisher, a high schooler, shared how God is the one who changes us from the inside out. He used the parable in Matthew 7 which tells us not to judge others before we change ourselves.

Mitchell Nudd, a middle schooler, used an illustration of a fine china place setting to illustrate the message that God is the one who makes us into instruments of fine silver and gold, based on 2 Timothy 2:20-21.

In concluding the sermon time, Sydney Litchfield, a college student, explained that whatever you fear, God is there to pour His love into you. Referring to 2 Timothy 2:22-24, Sydney gave life examples explaining how she remembers her grandfather’s favorite saying in church, “big heart, little heart,” meaning God has the big heart and we have the little heart and He pours His love into our heart.

The congregation listened intently to each of the presenters, showing affirmation and appreciation by applauding at the end of each presentation.

Addressing the congregation at the conclusion, Russell Palmer, worship leader at Littleton said, “Wasn’t it a blessing to hear from our young people? Our leaders of our church, the young people, will lead the way.”

“Will You Fight the Good Fight” concludes on November 7 with Nash preaching on the final chapter in 2 Timothy, and Sydney’s grandfather from Tennessee will present a joint youth Sabbath School. His topic: “Big Heart, Little Heart.”

Jon Roberts is RMC media/communication assistant; photos by Andy Nash