La Junta, Colorado … The only time Ted Williams has ticketed a law enforcement officer was on a trip from the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins to La Junta. Needing fuel, he stopped in Wellington, Colorado and was filling his tank when a black Dodge Charger came to a screeching halt at the fuel station near him and out stepped a Colorado highway patrolman who began to fuel his vehicle.

Stepping toward him across the cement barrier between pumps, Williams said, “Thank you!”

“Thank you for what?” the officer asked.

“Thank you for what you do,” Williams said as he handed him one of his special ticket stubs offering salvation. 

“Wow! This is cool,” the officer said. “Come sit here,” he invited Williams, who crawled into the driver’s seat of a running highway patrol car.

“Would you pray for me and my fellow officers?” he asked.

Getting out of the vehicle and putting his arm around him, Williams asked for his name. The officer responded not with “Officer So and So,” but with his first name. Williams happily prayed for him, for his fellow officers and for their safety.

It was an encounter for Jesus.

Carol Bolden; photo by Ted Williams