Loveland, Colorado … Chinese students from Campion Academy’s international program hosted an open-house celebration of Chinese New Year at the Loveland Museum on Sunday, January 26. Families and community members of all ages interacted with the students at a variety of stations at the event including: learning about the Chinese zodiac and making an animal mask, trying on a traditional lion dance costume, writing their names in Chinese calligraphy, watching portions of this year’s Chinese New Year television special, practicing chopstick skills, and sampling dumplings and spring rolls.

“It was fun sharing about our culture and I’m learning also,” commented Ensen Cai, a senior high school student from Guangxi Province, China. “Maybe 20 years ago, people didn’t care about learning about China, but now it’s become an important country and people are interested. It’s a good feeling to be able to share my culture.” The students who hosted the event are from various provinces in China and are completing high school at Campion Academy, a Christian boarding school in Loveland.

The Loveland Museum plans to partner with Campion’s International Program again in the spring to host a Festival of Cultures on Sunday, April 19. The Festival of Cultures will include performances, activities, crafts and food from China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jill Harlow, text and photos