Agape Hammond – Parker, Colorado … Through a collaborative partnership, Parker Adventist Hospital and Newday Adventist Church provided Thanksgiving meal boxes to 125 families in need in the Parker, Colorado community.

Newday Adventist Church has lots to be thankful for this season. On Saturday, November 19, Newday held their second annual ThankFULL Free Farmer’s Market event.

The ThankFULL Free Farmer’s Market began after Lisa Cardinal, executive pastor at Newday, witnessed the need during the summer Free Farmer’s Market.

Providing a special meal during the holidays so that our neighbors can host their own families is another way Newday can meet the needs of our community. Extending the summer Free Farmer’s Market to include a holiday ThankFULL experience has grown to providing 125 complete meals, including turkey, for families that otherwise might not have Thanksgiving.

One family who was late to the event, came running to find out if it was all over. They found Newday volunteers still cleaning up and one meal box remaining. This was a beautiful ending to a great day.

Mike Sadjak, a long-time member of Newday, had this to say about his experience: I was excited to reconnect with my Newday friends, to get to know some of the new people that attend Newday, and to help our community. It was a great way to spend a Sabbath afternoon.”

It’s not just the food we share with the families that makes an impact. Management at the apartments noticed a difference in the residents, noting the high energy and excitement of those gathered.

This year, Newday added hot drinks, cupcakes, a craft station, and the beautiful Gratitude Tree, that will remain in the lobby through Thanksgiving. The event, meant to bring people together, succeeded in creating a sense of community that we hope will last this season and beyond.

— Text and photos by Agape Hammond, Newday member.