Karen Davidson – Cañon City, Colorado — Bible marking has become a vital part of prayer meetings at the Cañon City church on Wednesday evenings. On average, more than thirty people have attended for the past 17 weeks, “and we are going strong,” reports Karen Davidson, whose husband is pastor of the congregation.

“The Bible marking class reinforced our knowledge and gave us the confidence to share Jesus with everyone,” Holly and Kurt Hammel commented on the inspirational experience of such an approach to Bible study.

Some attendees arrive at six o’clock to mark their Bibles if they didn’t have time to do so at home.  Then, Amy Burr McComb leads members and visitors in identifying how God is leading and blessing, and then prays for members and the community.

The participating church members were initially trained by Pastor John Davidson on how to lead a Bible marking class with its 29 chapters.

Then the members also sign up to lead the weekly Bible marking class, adding their personal touch to their teaching. Those who are leading are also gaining confidence in the knowledge, skills, and materials to do a Bible study as they use Terry Nelson’s Bible marking book and supporting materials.

One member of our Cañon City church, Paul O’Dell, following a health ministries training session a month ago, was compelled to go to his neighbors with a poultice for his feet, commented Karen. She explained, “The neighbor started the natural remedy that night with much prayer from Paul. God blessed and the neighbor got complete pain relief in four days. Paul and his neighbor have now done the first five Bible marking lessons.”

“As a member doing the Bible Marking classes, I find it very easy to teach, and my neighbor finds it easier to understand the Bible,” Paul stated.

–Karen Davidson. Photo supplied.