By Jon Roberts – Montrose, Colorado … In front of 200 church family members, friends, and fellow pastors, Nathan Cranson, pastor of the Montrose district, was ordained to the gospel ministry, an acknowledgement of Christ’s calling on his life.

Cranson recalls God leading his life at an early age.

“In a time of need, God reminded a three-year boy to trust in Him. At thirteen, He gladly entered into this boy’s heart. Shortly afterward, with a love and joy that could not be expressed, He planted in this boy’s heart the deep desire to share His goodness with the world,” Cranson reflected. “This boy is me and this ordination service is NOT a testimony to my faithfulness to God but rather His faithfulness to me.”

Cranson grew up in Paonia, Colorado with seven siblings and is the middle child of parents Addie and Greg Cranson. He was the first Adventist in his family, introduced to the church by his childhood friends and neighbors. After building friendships in school, Cranson recalls being invited to the “Arise” convention with David Asscherick where he was baptized. He married the love of his wife, Michelle, 2 ½ years ago and they have one four-legged child, he affirms.

David Asscherick, pastor of Castle Rock church remarked on this special occasion. “‘By their fruits, you shall know them.’ Nathan bears the fruit of having been called to the gospel ministry. Anyone with eyes to see can discern this. It was an enormous honor for me to baptize him as a teenager and then to be a part of his ordination 17 years later.”

Dean Coridan, president of the Iowa-Missouri conference, who helped Cranson begin his ministry work, introduced him at the service. Coridan was glad to be part of the service. “We are thrilled to be a part of the ordination of Nathan and Michelle. He started ministry in the IA-MO Conference and he definitely demonstrated that he had a call to ministry. The churches loved him and he exhibited skill in leading people to Christ. We were so happy to be able to participate in his ordination.”

“To have two conferences involved in Pastor Nathan Cranson’s ministerial growth and eventually his ordination is a testimony to the beauty of being a part of a world church where churches and conferences work together to provide opportunities for men and women to shine for Jesus,” Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, commented on the event.

Cranson recognizes and appreciates the many who helped make the day one he will not forget. “What a blessed moment. Surrounded by family, friends, loving church members and spiritual mentors, to recognize the faithfulness of God in my life. He has seen me through so many trials and triumphs and deserves every bit of the glory. Oh, what joy to remember that He who has begun a good work, is faithful to complete it! What an honor and a privilege is to serve the living God.”

He added, “A special thank you to everyone who shared this moment with me. Your prayers, presence, and participation were what made it so special.”

–Jon Roberts is RMC communication/media assistant; photos by Nathan Cranson, Mickey Mallory, and Susan Inglish