By Jon Roberts – Denver, Colorado …“Everyone has a story, and this is mine,” remarked Rajmund Dabrowski, RMC communication director, on his recent Adventist Journey interview.

The North America Division selects an Adventist to tell their story every month. Sometimes it is a lay member who has had an influence in their community or an employee of the church. Then there are those who have not only dedicated their lives to spreading the good news of Jesus, but also invited others around the world to walk with them on their Adventist journey.  Dabrowski is the latter.

Recalling his journey and the opportunity it offers others to join in his story, Dabrowski is grateful to the NAD communication team, many of whom he trained, worked with, and mentored over the years. “Often, I’m being described as a mentor, a designation I don’t deserve. Anyone who crosses my path is mentoring me as well. I’m indebted to work alongside many amazing young professionals. We feed each other,” Dabrowski commented.

“I was blessed to work with Rajmund Dabrowski at the General Conference. We worked together on the first television news program for the church, Adventist Newsline. It was an exciting time as we entered new territory for the church, and despite having a small team, we were able to produce programs that I am still proud of almost twenty years later,” Dan Weber, until recently NAD communication director, said.

Dabrowski has received several compliments and comments on the cover picture and the interview.  “The photo and video are by Dan Weber, a master photographer. All I can say is – Thank you,” Dabrowski commented.

Retiring several years ago from the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters where he worked as communication director, he and his wife, Grazyna, settled in Colorado. He was prepared to rest and relax from church employment.  God had other plans.

In the video, we hear about his passion for reaching out and being in the community, as well as having open conversations on how the church can continue to meet the needs of the world and the church with new techniques and methods. In RMC, Dabrowski reclaimed his fondness for editorial work by editing and producing one of the most cutting-edge magazines in the church today … Mountain Views. Some of the finest authors in the church are being invited to engage  us in conversation about what we believe and how we act. “I’m enriched by probing deeper into the present truth,” he commented.

“Ray is a genius when it comes to communicating. His worldwide experience has helped him look at things from many different angles, and he likes a fresh perspective on life! It has been an honor to work with Ray and to be able to call him a friend,” Ed Barnett, former RMC president, said.

“Ray taught us to produce programming that was of the highest professional level possible. He inspired us to create and share stories that would help people around the world understand the breadth and scope of what the church was doing. All of this was because of Ray’s impact on our team and his desire that the church he loved and worked for was well represented to the world. His influence provided a major impact on my work for the church these past 20 years,” Weber added.

Dabrowski hopes his story will encourage others to get involved in the community, show love and kindness to others, giving their all to Jesus.

“Why did I accept the invitation to share my story?  Simple. We, as Adventists, are all on a pilgrimage.  Each of us has a story that also becomes the story of others.  What binds us together is Adventism,” Dabrowski commented.

To view the Adventist Journey interview, click here.

–Jon Roberts is RMC communication/media assistant; photo by Jon Roberts