RMCNews with DeeAnn Bragaw – Ward, Colorado … From eastern Colorado and Idaho, from northern Wyoming and Texas, 115 women ascended to GVR for the 2021 RMC women’s convention Bee-Lieve, a chance to fellowship, grow closer to Jesus, and enjoy a weekend where women can be women.

The theme bee-lieve focused on reaffirming for those who gathered that God has a plan for their lives, no matter what. Through biblical stories and personal experiences, guest speaker Tamyra Horst, author and Pennsylvania Conference communication director, encouraged all to keep bee-lieving in God and His guidance in their lives.

Chris, an attendee from Cheyenne, reflected on the retreat, commenting that her most significant takeaway from the retreat was the message, “I am worthy and unconditionally loved.” Her sentiment was echoed by many who attended.

Sabbath included a workshop presented by Cindy Nash and Michelle Nash, wife and mother of Littleton church lead pastor Andy Nash, about praying for the prodigals in your life.

“It was wonderful to be with women from around RMC who love Jesus with all their hearts,” Cindy Nash commented on the gathering.

The convention continued with an afternoon service project. With the help of the teen girls attending their convention at GVR, the women tie-dyed pillowcases that were donated along with new pillows to Crossroads safehouse in Fort Collins and the women’s shelter in Cheyenne.

Women left the convention remembering décor, attention to detail, opportunities for prayer, fellowship, and fun.

The convention was a bitter-sweet moment for DeeAnn Bragaw as she begins a new chapter in her life as the North American Division Women’s Ministry director after four years in RMC.

“Thank you all for the privilege of serving you as Director of Women’s Ministries for our conference. As I transition to the North American Division, I’m so grateful Jana Thurber will be serving our RMC women. I know she will love you, as I have,” DeeAnn Bragaw said.

–RMCNews with DeeAnn Bragaw, North American Division Women’s Ministry director; photos supplied