By Haley Enochs – Loveland, Colorado …“Everything I knew was about to change, but I would make memories that would last a lifetime. All the doubts and worries I had would soon fade as this would become my second home,” Haley Enochs, Campion senior, said.

For incoming students, life in the residence hall can be an intimidating, yet exciting, new adventure. Residence life is where students make friends and have the help of their deans to guide them through.

“When I entered the doors of the residence hall for my very first move-in day, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. The rules, the people I was around, the things I was about to do, and the schedule I would have would be different,” Enochs, added.

Although life [in the dorm] is much different than living at home, students learn to adapt and have a great opportunity to grow stronger relationships with the people around them.

“The people here in the dorm are like family; they are fun, crazy, and awesome to hang around with. You always have something new happening each day that makes being at Campion feel less like a school, and more like a family trying to know God more,” Jahir Marcenaro, Campion junior, commented.

At times, residence hall students struggle with the complete change in schedule and lifestyle and experience homesickness.

“Even though I have been in the dorm since [my] sophomore year, I still get homesick every now and then. Personally, I am not someone who easily opens up about my struggles, but living in the dorm has helped me learn to trust others, and the girls have been a big encouragement during my hardest times at school,” Sami Hodges, Campion senior explained.

For first-year residence hall students, while it can take time to adapt to the new environment, the friendships made there are irreplaceable.

“Dorm life for me is amazing!” Bentlee Barry, first-year dorm student, exclaimed, “I’ve never had as strong relationships with girls as I do here. Everyone in your hall is like your family. No matter what happens, we have each other’s back. It was such a blessing coming here and I hope others are able to experience it.”

Being in the residence hall puts students in a Christ-centered environment that encourages them to experience a lifelong relationship with God. The nightly worship, coupled with praying with the deans and each other help students grow with God.

Despite struggles, Hodges affirmed, “I’ve had to rely on God this year more than any other year, and I have come to realize that without Him, it is impossible to get through anything on my own.”

Haley Enochs is a senior at Campion Academy; photo supplied