By Jon Roberts – Ward, Colorado … After being evacuated from Glacier View Ranch, staff spent the majority of the week rejoicing even while cleaning out refrigerators and freezers of spoiled food.

GVR staff was forced to abandon the place where they work and minister to the multitudes as two wildfires erupted near the camp. They spent the following days with uneasiness and uncertainty about the fate of the camp as wildfires ravished the nearby communities.

As soon as Dan Hansen, director of camp ministry, received word that it was safe to return, he and the staff made their way toward the camp unsure what they would find.

Upon arrival on Friday, October 23, they were thankful to find the camp untouched by the fires.

“The camp itself was not harmed by the fires, but the power was off most of the time we were evacuated, so we had a tremendous amount of cleanup from refrigerators and freezers, but we were blessed that all of our equipment came back on. We still have a way to go, but we thank the Lord each day for the protection of the camp and our staff as we made multiple transitions,” Hansen said.

GVR staff are thankful for all RMC members who remembered them as they faced these hardships.

“With heartfelt gratitude, we want to thank our members and those we serve at GVR for all of the prayers and well wishes during this time of the wildfires in this area. We are so grateful for the support of our administration and the youth department for continuingly lifting us up. Again, thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and we’d love to see you at GVR in the near future,” Hansen said.

The recent snowfall has helped with fire-suppression efforts; however, fires continue to burn near Estes Park and the surrounding community.

“We are thankful that Glacier View was spared from the wildfires; however, our hearts are saddened at the loss of many homes and the livelihood of Glacier View’s neighbors.  I urge all of our members to continue to pray for those still being affected by the wildfires, many of whom are our church members,” Ed Barnett, RMC President said.

Jon Roberts is RMC media/communication assistant; photo by Dan Hansen