Greeley, Colorado… Nine years ago at the Adventure Church in Greeley, Colo., DW Wenberg started FAITH. Once a month, she and a group of others bring food to those in need. The ministry reaches women, children, retired veterans, and any others that are in need of help, love, and food.

DW has always had a passion for helping others. She felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to start the ministry at the church, but didn’t have a name for it or other people to work with her. But in spite of those small setbacks, she stepped out in faith and started the program with the support of the church. God provided a continuous stream of volunteers and a name for her ministry: FAITH, Feeding And Inspiring The Hungry. The ministry grew and also led to the inspiration of another ministry, the annual toy drive at Christmas that has been running for about five years.

Now, nine years later, rather than only giving out a few bags to people in need, FAITH has been able to provide up to eighty bags containing both food and things such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hats, gloves, and even sleeping bags every month to people in need. In addition to providing those much-needed items, FAITH also provides people with an opportunity for strong personal connection with Christ. The volunteers spend the afternoon with the people they meet and pray with them. The goal is to share not only food material necessities, but also to share with them the love Jesus gives to us all.

The vision of the future is only growth. DW, who continues to lead the ministry, wants to reach even more people and expand the ministry to Loveland and Fort Collins. She believes a way to accomplish this would be with a food truck, and continues to have faith that no matter what God will lead and provide whatever is needed to fulfill His purpose.

The ministry’s mission is greatly based on Matthew 25:31-46. The goal is to remember those who are outside of our everyday life and remember they need love and compassion. It is a way to share God’s love and be Jesus’ hands and feet in a meaningful way in the community.

If you would like to contact DW Wenberg, you can reach her at (970) 310-0183 or email her at [email protected].

Aubrey Stenbakken, text; photo supplied