Franktown, Colorado … Rocky Mountain Veggie Meat is now open for business! With a new Rocky Mountain Conference supplier announcing two drop off sites and customers can place their orders now.

“You can order your favorite veggie meats at and we will be setting up two drop off sites at Mile High Academy and the Conference office,” says Erin Houghton, who started the veggie meat company.

“If you don’t live in the Denver area, please contact us directly and we will see if we can do a bulk order to your area. Our first order will be going in the weekend of January 17-19, so check out the products on the website and you can receive your order on our first shipment if your order comes in by Sunday night,” Erin says.

This is good news for many of us in the church and in the community. We grew up with many of the popular products,” said one former customer of the Adventist Book Center, which closed at the end of December 2019. The ABC offered a variety of popular veggie meat products.

To order, go to the website and on the top right of the page, click “shop” and you will see pictures of the products. As you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see a button that says “load more.” Click that button and more products will appear. Rocky Mountain Veggie Meat carries 69 different products, many that will be familiar to the ABC customer. Orders placed by this Sunday will be on the first delivery!

–Erin Houghton