Glacier View Ranch, Colorado …Over weekend of January 17-19 over 150 high school age students and their sponsors from across the Mid-America Union convened at Glacier View Ranch for the Rocky Mountain Conference youth department’s “Greater Summit.” The youth event had previously been known as “Teen Prayer Summit” but was changed to “Greater Summit” with the emphasis of living a greater life.

The weekend’s theme was “Fully Alive” and was split into three main events: encounter (at the meetings), engage (during discussions), and enjoy (the fun activities). Everyone was excited for a weekend filled with worshiping and having fun.

The first official meeting began Sabbath morning with a worship talk from Pastor Jennifer Woody from Washington. She talked about J.O.Y., J standing for Jesus, O standing for obedience, and Y standing for yield. She explained what it is to truly have joy in your life. After each meeting, everyone took part in discussing what they had just learned from the message. They looked into scripture and got to discuss where J.O.Y. was found.

“It was just an amazing weekend.  Just being able to spend time with my friends and listening to Pastor Jennifer was a huge blessing,” exclaimed Milka Mendoza, junior at Campion Academy.

The activities of the day were a lot of fun including sledding, the Kulicup Cafe, where snacks and drinks were served, board games, and a raffle. With the events of the past week, they also were able to hold a tribute to Mya Pena and anyone who felt the need was able to participate and write letters.

The meeting continued Saturday night and Sunday morning, with each worship talk hitting more powerful than the previous one. Woody talked about finding dead areas in your life and how to bring it all to God. She explained about how it is important to come to God as you are. On Sunday morning she told her testimony and how shame was a huge factor in her life. She slowly learned to get rid of the shame through the help of God and people who truly loved and cared for her. During the engage session Summit participants discussed the shame they feel in their lives and were encouraged to give it to God.

“I enjoyed the people around me and the new things I got to experience,” commented Melody Mambo, freshman at Campion. The weekend was filled with friends, fun, and food, but was also powerful in helping youth grow stronger in Jesus.

–Bela Cinco, Student Editor, text; photos by Fabiola Castrejon-Fabela and Bela Cinco