By Ruben Balaguer – Grand Junction, Colorado … Several community members are gathering in a hair salon to study about Jesus and the salvation he offers.

For the past year and a half, these meetings have been held at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Grand Junction and have been led by Ruben Balaguer, pastor of the Grand Junction Hispanic district.  As a result of the pandemic, the group needed to find a new location to continue assembling to learn about the beliefs of the Adventist faith community.

One of the students, a hair salon owner, offered her place of business as a central meeting point every Thursday evening.

“(We) have already studied about the mortality of the soul, hell, some prophecies and the first and second commandments. Soon we will be studying about the Sabbath; therefore, I ask for your prayers,” Balaguer said

The class, which has grown to seventeen individuals, expressed their appreciation for a location where they can meet and study the Bible together.

–Ruben Balaguer is district pastor of Grand Junction Hispanic; photo supplied