By Kiefer Dooley – Grand Junction, Colorado … Intermountain Adventist Academy (IAA) students learned how to become “Fully Alive” in Jesus during the week of worship, September 20 – 25, hosted by the RMC youth department.

Each morning, students met to learn what the Bible has to say about living life Fully Alive.  Telling stories from his life, Kiefer Dooley, RMC youth director, was able to connect with the students while also coordinating messages that supported the biblical foundation message and bottom line from either the life of Zacchaeus or Esther.

Jessyka Dooley, RMC assistant youth director, led out in activities to demonstrate lessons from the morning talks.

Tuesday’s activity was especially fun for the participants and especially un-fun for Kiefer. Having learned that God values each one of his children as whole and holy despite living in a sinful world, students were called to recognize that they can value themselves the same way. Individuals took turns spraying whipped cream off of Kiefer’s face. It was all giggles, laughs, and a few extra jets of water here and there, but the kids left understanding that God does not alter the value he places on us because we might have marks of sin on our lives; rather, he sees us and values us as being washed clean.

“The group recognized that a life with Jesus not only changes how we view and value ourselves, but how we care for and live Fully Alive with our friends, neighbors, churches, communities, and ultimately, the world around us,” Kiefer Dooley commented about the experience.

The week resulted in six decisions to commit to a relationship with Jesus and begin a course of study that will lead to baptism.

Responding to the assemblies, Joel Reyes, IAA principal said, “I believe [what made the difference in] having Kiefer and Jessica was the fact that they are young and passionately in love with the Lord. They spoke from their hearts and the kids could tell they were genuine. They weren’t just saying things, but felt what they were saying and kids listened. They presented the gospel in ways kids could “feel” and experience.”

Kiefer Dooley reported that “more than the messages, fun and funky activities, pizza and crafts, we’re leaving having built relationships with kids that show them that living with Jesus means living Fully Alive.”

–Kiefer Dooley is RMC youth director; photo by Joel Reyes