By John Davidson – Cañon City, Colorado … After months of delays, evangelism outreach meetings in Cañon City Church attracted some 30 attendees, mostly from the community. The Discovering Revelation series began October 2.

The gatherings originally scheduled to begin on March 13 were abruptly halted after the venue scheduled to host cancelled all events without notice on March 12 due the growing pandemic sweeping America.

As COVID continued to ravish the nation, the meetings continued to be rescheduled, while the pastor and outreach team, maintained contact with 62 individuals who had pre-registered.

“Several of the registrants were concerned that I might do this program and they would not be informed,” John Davidson, Cañon City pastor said.

“I promised them we would keep in contact on a regular basis via email or by phone. Almost everyone who returned an email to me and those that I talked to on the phone had similar thoughts: something in this world is not right.”

Throughout the summer, the program team had discussions about when they might be able to start or if they would be able to start. The events coordinator from The Abbey events complex, an iconic venue which formerly was a Benedictine monastery, the host location, notified us that they were accepting reservations.

Church members began contacting individuals who had pre-registered and notifying them of the rescheduled date. Many people were very excited, yet some said they wouldn’t attend because of the pandemic.

“I believe it’s a miracle that The Abbey was able to open and another miracle that so many people are willing to go into a gathering where they don’t know each other. I believe the Holy Spirit is working on hearts to bring those individuals into a closer and more committed relationship with Jesus,” Davidson commented.

John Davidson is pastor of Cañon City Church; photo by Rajmund Dabrowski