A bowl of ice cream must be approached properly. Each person has their own preferred flavors and add-ins, which can vary from bowl to bowl. But one thing that seems to be important to everyone is the size of each spoonful. This can also vary from person to person, but whatever your own ideal configuration may be, the last spoonful is critical.

That last bite needs to leave you feeling good about the whole experience. You don’t want it to be half the ideal size, or to be missing pecans or sprinkles. So, the wise consumer regulates his intake and sets aside toppings in preparation for finishing well. When you get it right, there is a sense of satisfaction that overlays the whole experience.

It’s important to finish well, and more so with many things of greater consequence than ice cream. As you reflect on your giving over the past year, I hope that you have been setting yourself up to finish well. That applies to a lot of end of the year issues, but none more so than giving. Are you among those who make a habit of finishing well?

May each of us become an encouragement to all by following through as we end 2019 with a sense of satisfaction. Be a blessing as you consider the blessings you are surrounded with.

Douglas Inglish, RMC stewardship director