Loveland, Colorado… More than 40 flags were on display when students of countries represented at Campion Academy marched in celebration of International Sabbath, December 7.  There are 25 International students attending Campion. Each student carrying a flag greeted the church congregation in a different language. Some students wore their country’s national costumes.

“It was cool seeing different clothes represented by different countries, and I also liked the way the Japanese girl’s clothes looked,” said Audra Bennett, freshman.

The praise team sang a selection of Christmas songs in eight different languages. “International Sabbath was really fun. I really enjoyed learning new languages. It was hard learning new languages and I think the hardest was Swedish or French,” commented Kaddy Koroma, senior.

Part of a Sabbath services included children stories told by several international students. The children learned to say: “Jesus loves you,” in different languages. The congregation was also treated to Bible verses read in many languages.

“I’m interested in languages, and I like studying languages, so I really appreciated it. It was really cool to hear all of the different languages sung and,” explained Samantha Hodges, junior. We learned about different countries and had an amazing Sabbath.

Airi Nomura, sophomore International Student from Japan; photo supplied