Arvada, Colorado… Indonesia’s West Papua was the destination for Arvada’s English and Indonesian congregations’ sending an eight-member team on their mission trip.

“We went to an isolated island with about three hundred inhabitants. The three nurses who were on the team had their hands full helping kids and adults with various health issues,” said Gordon Anic, pastor of Arvada English church.

Reflecting on the experience, Pastor Anic said: “We found a lot of misery, poverty, disease, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. But in the end we addressed these issues through class sessions with our nurses and preaching. We slept in their simple homes that had no running water or toilets. We ate their food cooked outside over open fire. We survived heat and rain and open seas in small boats and everyone of us wants to go back next year,” he said.

At the end of the week God blessed us with 29 baptisms in the open ocean, Anic added. If you are interested in joining next mission trip, visit website and on Arvada church’s Facebook page.

Gordon Anic, text and photos