Denver, Colorado … The last 2019 meeting of the Rocky Mountain Conference Executive Committee, December 10, received the current financial report by George Crumley, VP for finance who said that, “our total tithe through October is up 6.99%. This strong increase is the result of windfall tithe that was received earlier this year.”

Crumley also informed the committee “that base tithe, which is what the conference uses to budget off of is down .27% when compared with last year. Because of this, it is creating a more challenging budget year for 2020. Basically, the preliminary budget is projecting no additional tithe income for next year while inflationary pressures push costs higher.”

In his President’s Report, Ed Barnett informed the committee members about recent year-end church meetings of the General Conference, North American Division and in Mid-America Union. Referring to the plan of reducing, over the next few years, the NAD portion of tithe paid to the General Conference and increasing the other World Divisions portion paid to the GC, Barnett said he welcomed “the possibility these changes will bring more funds to be retained by the local conference,” he told NewsNuggets.

Barnett also reported that with good developments within the conference, it is “sad to report to you that Paul and Kase Vunileva will not be returning to RMC. This leaves pastoral opening at Littleton and principal position at Mile High Academy. This is a big loss for us, yet, we will continue to build on what was accomplished.” He also shared enrollment information from the recent Campion Academy Board. 145 students are currently enrolled with expected 151 beginning of next term. The school continues to attract international students.

Eric Nelson reported that several church districts are open, including Craig and Steamboat, Montrose and Gunnison, as well as Denver South. The committee voted the closure of The Journey Church Group.

Crumley also reported that the Adventist Book Center is winding down its operations according to their year-end closing plans. He went on to share that the Lifestyle Center, which will be moving into the vacated ABC space, plans to have its first program on January 23. More detailed information about “Diabetes Undone,” the opening program, is being shared directly with local churches.