Casper, Wyoming … Wyoming Winter Retreat will convene on February 14 at Mills Spring Ranch near Casper Wyoming. The event is a joint venture organized by the Rocky Mountain Youth Department and several members from Casper Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Join us as we explore together what it means to live ‘Fully Alive’ in Christ,” says Brent Learned, RMC youth assistant director, coordinator of the event.

Brent explains that Wyoming Winter Retreat is designed to emphasize the development of your personal identity and purpose. Over the course of the weekend, we will explore the Scriptures together, recharge together, have fun together, and pray together. “Our hope is that your experience at the retreat will inspire confidence, encourage learning, and establish or re-establish your connection with Jesus Christ. Experiencing Jesus together and exploring what it means to be ‘Fully Alive’ in Christ, you will find the freedom and courage to live life to the fullest,” he explained.

The organizers said that the weekend will include worship, recreation, and fellowship.

Worship: Pastor Henry Johnson, young adult ministries coordinator from the Carolina Conference will serve as biblical teacher for the weekend. Johnson is passionate about connecting and serving all age groups, particularly teens and young adults. Lyle Wortman, along with his band members from Gillette, Wyoming will be leading the retreat through lively worship songs, bringing to life the “Fully Alive” theme. Wyoming Winter Retreat is designed to be a time to hear the word, worship together through singing, and learn from one another through interactive biblical teachings.

Recreation: Sitting atop Casper Mountain, Mills Spring Ranch has more to offer than just pretty views. The retreat’s schedule is designed with plenty of free time to experience favorite winter activities, including sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Weekend participants should bring their own gear, borrow it from a friend, or rent it from one of the gear shops located in nearby Casper.

Fellowship: A time will be set aside to hang out, build new relationships, and strengthen old ones while engaging in outdoor recreational activities together and participating in Saturday evening activities. Saturday evening will be filled with a plethora of board games, s’mores, hot chocolate, tea, and cider, as well as active games.

Located on Casper Mountain, the Mills Spring Ranch is at 8,000 feet elevation. At this time of the year, winter conditions with several feet of snow are expected. Brent says that participants should bring a winter coat, as well as snow pants, boots, hats, and gloves. Although the buildings will be heated to a cozy warm temperature, participants should bring their own bedding or a sleeping bag.

To register, get directions, or find additional details about Wyoming Winter Retreat, contact Liz Cornett by phone at (307) 277-5084 or by email at [email protected]. Cost is $35 per person which includes food and lodging for the entire weekend.

Brent Learned, text and photo