Aurora, Colorado … The youth and young adults of the Rocky Mountain Indonesian-American Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to use their feet to share the gospel. On Sabbath, January 31, twenty young people went to the neighborhoods surrounding the church. They signed children up for Vacation Bible School, found adults interested in Bible studies, gave out GLOW tracts, and prayed with people.

“GLOW stands for Giving Light To Our Word,” explains Matt Hasty, RMC literature ministry director. “It’s our conference’s initiative to give every church member an opportunity and training to become a literature evangelist.”

He refers to literature evangelists as “foot-preachers.” He points to “Romans 10:15 “how beautiful are the feet who preach”. Apostle Paul, unable to leave various forms of imprisonments, preached by writing and others delivered on foot what he wrote. This form of preaching made its impact, and millions today are still blessed by the impact these silent foot-preachers made. I believe it’s the same today. Our modern-day Pauls write, and the silent foot-preachers deliver.”

In Aurora, where they held the second annual Sabbath of GLOW outreach, “many seeds were planted,” Matthew reported.

Here is a story of one young person’s experience.

Just down the street from the church, Eduardo met two men standing outside talking.

“Hi, my name’s Eddy. I’m from the church down the street,” Eddy pointed towards the church, “We’re collecting prayer requests from our neighbors. Do you have anything you would like us to pray for?”

“What?” The men were confused, they had never had someone ask them for prayer requests before.

“I just want to pray for you,” Eddy explained.

“Pray to Jesus?” one of the men asked. He began asking Eddy questions about what he believed and what was taught at his church. Eddy spoke to the men about how the church uses the Bible as their foundation, adding nothing and leaving nothing out.

“Does your church let anyone come?” the man wondered.

“Yes, everyone!” Eddy smiled, “Come next week. We even have a potluck after the service. It’s great food.”

“Maybe I will,” the man smiled.

Eddy took out a GLOW tract called Sunday is for Football, Saturday is for _________. He wrote the church’s name on the tract. “Next Saturday can be your day to go to church.” Eddy handed the man the tract.

“On an average week, we get three online GLOW orders from various churches on I’ve been working with 12 congregations, but I believe there may be more than that,” Matt adds.

Currently, there are 11 students participating in literature evangelism at Campion Academy. Summer 2020 plans are still in development, with an interest to visit all the cities in Colorado outside of Denver, Loveland and the Fort Collins area.

“Many people in our communities are ripe for the harvest. Consider sharing tracts with your church’s neighbors,” Matt encourages.

Amanda Hasty with Matt Hasty; photo­­­­­­­­­­­ by Amanda Hasty