Colorado Springs, Colorado … Have you ever truly appreciated the fact that in the United States parents have a choice on where to send their children to school? There is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical public awareness effort called the “National School Choice Week,” that hosts celebrations all over the country, during the last week of January.

Some parents don’t seem to realize that many options are available today, said Michelle Velbis, principal of Springs Adventist Academy, a K-8 Christian school that emphasizes core values. “Sometimes parents aren’t happy with their school situations, but they don’t have to be stuck,” she said. “If they do a little research, they’d find they have more choice than they know.”

Springs Adventist Academy hosted an event on Thursday, January 30th at 7:30 in the morning.  Parents, students, and staff celebrated the event with doughnuts, yellow scarves, and a drawing to show appreciation to their parents for choosing SAA.

“SAA is the best school in town and is like a hidden treasure,” said parent, Nelson Rosado. “The teachers, staff, and volunteers are highly committed to God and Christian education.”

The students had a great time inviting their parents into the classroom to show them their work.

“What a joy it was to see what our children are learning! It is truly a blessing for us as parents to be included in the celebration of School Choice Week.”

Velbis commented she truly valued parents’ decision to send them to SAA, “We know they could choose a different school, but they choose ours.”

–Michelle Velbis, text and photos