Grand Junction & Denver, Colorado … The second round of the Lay Pastor Training course took place at the Rocky Mountain Conference office in Denver, January 31-February 2; and in Grand Junction, February 7-9. Twenty participants took part in the Denver training and in Grand Junction, it was attended by 24 interested lay activists and local church leaders.

“Both weekends were amazing,” said Nate Skaife, Grand Junction Church pastor and main presenter and instructor. “We engaged in conversation about the significance of what happens when we die and the ramifications to our beliefs if we are wrong in what we believe. In addition, we dug deeper into important Bible texts that clarify the state of the dead belief,” he shared, speaking of the main theme of the course.

Other areas of focus included tools to help attendees mine the Scriptures for gems often left uncovered, along with looking at the process of making biblical sermons which helps not only in presenting sermons, but also in leading Bible studies and small groups, Skaife explained.

“It is always fun to work through the Scriptures,” he added.

Participating lay people were given assignments to study at the first series of lectures in September and October 2019. Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, a patron of the course, said that “it was great to see how much the participants have grown since they started the program five months ago.”

“The participants were appreciative of all the support they have received from Pastor Nate,” he added. “It is exciting to think that because of the lay pastor training, we have enlarged our ministry team in the Rocky Mountain Conference,” Mallory commented.

Participants offered observations about the course, several commenting that they received “information overload … but very interesting and helpful,” in the reaction of Patrick Williams from Cedaredge.

For Wilton Helm from Aspen Park, the presentations offer “a good basis for Bible study and biblical sermon preparations.” Keith Parris from Twin Peaks church in Louisville considered the training a “good opportunity to learn and grow with others from around the conference who are involved with their local churches.”

The participants, including several women, appreciated being coached in a variety of pastoral roles. Jane Coren from Grand Junction was excited about the weekend, and that there was so much to absorb. The information she received “blows my mind,” she said.

RMCNews with Nate Skaife; photo by Mickey Mallory and Nate Skaife