By Ashley Reyes — Loveland, Colorado … When I was younger, I lived in El Salvador where we experienced massive rainstorms. Every once in a while, it would get so bad that church would be canceled, and we would have church at home. My family would put on our own mini church service with a sermon, offering call, and everything.

Of course, that was before there was such a thing as online church. Now, it’s a lot more convenient to have church at home. However, it still takes a lot of work to make it happen, and there are many dedicated individuals who have put in the work.

Many churches already have a media team and a live-streaming system in place, but there have been other obstacles they have had to work together to overcome. Since outreach is such a huge part of the Adventist church’s mission, it has become a major goal for pastors all over the world to make sure that they can still reach out and connect to their church families and the community. The church staff and members have been doing things like driveway visitations (while still respecting the parameters of social distancing), calling to pray with people, online talent shows, and Instagram take-overs to name a few. Church leadership is encouraging people to get creative and find even more new ways to stay connected.

There are many volunteers who have also contributed and are making an impact. Sabbath School teachers record Sabbath School lessons for kids. Whole families have joined together to provide music for Sabbath School and for the main service. Pastor Micheal Goetz of Campion church says, “We have seen an increase in individuals and families who are coming up with their own way to care and show ministry to other people. And that’s really what the church has dreamed of being about.”

Many Campion Academy students have stepped up to help in their home churches. Ben Maxson, a junior at Campion Academy, says, “I run the video camera and help with sound and slides. I also help the associate pastor with social media presence. I also go with my parents when we visit people’s houses and just stand outside and talk. I love that I can stay active and help out my community.”

Many other students, including musicians Andy Obregón and Kylie Wehling, and speakers, including Robyn Quillin and Erick Maldonado, have all been involved in Campion Academy’s Friday night vespers. Campion Academy is also planning to have an online week of prayer the first week of May, hosted by the senior class.

Social distancing may have physically separated the church members, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still gain a blessing by worshipping together at a distance.

Ashley Reyes, Senior, Guest Contributor to This Week at Campion: photo by Micheal Goetz – in the photo the Campion Church staff printed out pictures of all the Campion