By Karrie Meyers — Highlands Ranch, Colorado … Everyone benefits from a little kindness, especially now as the world has been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mile High Academy’s first grade class is learning the satisfaction of the extra effort to bring kindness to their families, friends and neighbors through random acts of kindness.

“Kindness is beautiful and a quality we can instill in even the youngest students,” said Kate Kamarad, Mile High Academy’s first grade teacher. “Something my first graders are learning is how kindness is based on a genuine compassion for our fellow human beings and creatures that God has created.”

Ms. Kamarad continued sharing how her students are learning the natural reaction of wanting to help others not for personal gain, but for the joy of helping. It’s also fun to do things for others the way God has intended us to do. She is encouraging the class to complete one random act each day of the week. Suggestions included:

-Write a positive message/illustration on your neighborhood sidewalk in chalk.
-Make a video of you singing, playing an instrument or reading a poem and send it to someone.
-Make a card/postcard and send it to a local Assisted Living Center.
-Pick up trash in your neighborhood.
-Make someone else’s bed.
-Call your grandparents just to chat.
-Design a poster board to put in your front lawn to thank police officers, nurses/doctors and grocery store workers for their work during this time.
-Join in the “Howl” that takes place each night at 8 pm to thank those who are working

“I’ve encouraged my students to think beyond this list,” said Ms. Kamarad. “One of my students made a special delivery to my home with homemade blueberry muffins.”

Ms. Kamarad knows how important it is to remain connected with her students as Mile High Academy finishes the school year remotely. Each week she challenges her student’s creativity. One week the student challenge was to make something that moved independently and another week they constructed constellations from items students had at home.

“This is a challenging time for all of us,” she said. “It’s challenging for me because I miss seeing my kids face-to-face, getting those appreciated hugs, laughing together and just learning together. I’m trying hard to make remote learning more than textbooks and worksheets. I want my students to appreciate the fun in learning, even with the simplest of materials. And to find God in everything they do.”

–Karrie Meyers; photos supplied