By Bela Cinco — Loveland, Colorado … A secretive group has been inundating Campion’s campus with positivity. The Underground Encouragement System, the UES as they call themselves, has been doing “ding-dong ditch” encouragement by going to staff member’s houses on campus and leaving a little something for the staff to be encouraged by. Sidewalk chalk notes, notes on the door, and little bags of goodies are finding their way to staff member homes.

“It’s awesome, because they know who God is, and they know what God wants them to do. It’s a spontaneous thing, and they have a good picture of who God is,” said Campion’s administrative assistant, Sue Helm.

This UES group has been going out two to three times a week to uplift people in this uncertain time. Some of the encouragements include sidewalk chalk notes that read “Thank you for your service; God cares”, positive notes on the door, and little bags of Hershey’s Kisses with notes that read, “Since we can’t do hugs, this is our social distancing hug.”

“It’s really cool to know that people are out there finding joy in helping others,” said Kent Kast, Campion’s academic vice-president.

Don Reeder, Campion Academy principal, commented, “It encourages me that the young people are looking for ways to do service. That is the main mission of our school. It’s exciting to see that what Satan thought was going to be bad, the young people are turning it into something good. And it feels good to be encouraged.”

Bela Cinco, Student Editor, This Week at Campion; photos supplied