The 2019 Love Reality Tour gathering at Denver South, September 13 – 21, continues to have memory ripples for all who attended. There was an average of 70 participants in daily meetings and showcased a collaboration between the Rocky Mountain Youth Department, Mile High Academy, Denver South, LifeSource, and Littleton congregations.

Many of the attendees were young adults from the community as well as high schoolers from Mile High Academy.

At the end of the meetings many participants responded to the challenge of the program. Stats are perhaps a good window into the program’s results – 23 persons responded “I want to accept my new identity as a child of God”; 11 responded “I want to join the Love Reality Classroom” for further study; three responded “I want to receive Bible Study” in a local church; and six participants responded “I want to get baptized.”

Among those who attended every single night of the meetings was Chris driving every day from Idaho Springs. A recent convert to Christianity, he found out about the Love Reality Tour from a friend of his who attended the same series at a church in Hawaii. “Chris is now interested in pursuing his faith in the Seventh-day Adventist community,” said Kiefer Dooley, RMC youth director.

“It’s always a good time in for us in the Youth Department when the Love Reality Tour comes to town. Having been at Greeley and Grand Junction in 2018, we were very excited to have the LRT in Denver this fall. What made this series really special was the collaboration between Denver area churches. While the series was held at Denver South, it was truly a partnership between Mile High Academy, Denver South, LifeSource Adventist Fellowship and Littleton that made the event a success,” Kiefer explained.

“While attendance numbers and baptismal statistics are good metrics, what is truly exciting for us is to see transformation within our community as members and non-members alike receive the good news of Jesus Christ,” he added.

After reviewing the response cards and surveys, the organizers once again saw that many of those attending the Love Reality Tour, whether a teenager, retiree, or somewhere in between, found that the messages helped them to see the exceptional reality of their life in Jesus clearly for the very first time.

The organizers are planning for the Love Reality Tour back in February 2020 with another Mine High Academy focus week and phase 2 of the evangelism series.

Rajmund Dabrowski with Kiefer Dooley; photos supplied