This weekend, the entire music department drove to Longmont to share their music with the Mountain View Seventh-day Adventist church. It was a real blessing that they got to use their talents to show God’s love. This church hosts both English and Spanish services and the Spanish church stopped their service to come down and listen to the music.

Throughout the school year, different student groups lead out in church services around the state in what is referred to as S.W.A.T. (Students with a Testimony) trips. “The S.W.A.T. trip was an amazing experience for me,” commented Kayla Gonzalas, senior. “I love these trips because they give us opportunities to connect with people outside of Campion. I also love to share Jesus with others using the talents he has given us.”

After the service, the churches combined to provide a large potluck lunch for the visiting students. “Despite me sitting on chocolate, I had an amazing time sharing God’s message. I loved the people there, and they loved our music. The food during potluck was amazing, and I must have eaten a hundred cookies,” said Renan Moreira, sophomore.

Overall, the students had a wonderful experience sharing music at a different church. “I had an amazing time with my friends praising God and getting off campus. Not to mention, the food was great! The people there asked us to come back, and I am praying we get to!” exclaimed Amira Davis, sophomore.

Adrianna Campbell, Student Editor; photos supplied