Vashty Segovia Santos – Lincoln, Nebraska … Campion Academy varsity soccer and volleyball teams took two days off school to compete at the annual Fall Tournament at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 19-20. A total of 14 Adventist academies participated from as far away as Florida and Michigan.

The winners of the tournament were Andrews Academy in soccer and Forest Lake Academy in volleyball. The Campion teams were disappointed with their results, but shared they still enjoyed the chance to compete. The boys soccer team won one out of four games that they played. The girls were very close in many of their games, but sadly didn’t win any. “Even though our team lost, we still had fun,” Dwayne Rey, Campion Academy volleyball manager, shared. “We didn’t let that affect our experience.”

A member from each team was selected as Most Valuable Player (MVP). Campion Academy students Ariel Patterson and Brayden Marroquin won awards this year.

The students left campus on Wednesday afternoon, and, after a six-hour drive, arrived at Union College very late at night to settle in the residence halls. Brayden Marroquin shared, “It was a long drive, but we had fun singing the whole way there.”

The varsity teams started their days off with having breakfast in the cafeteria. Afterwards, they all gathered for worship in the gym before the games began. Both the volleyball team and soccer team played one to two games a day. They were constantly busy going from one game to another.

Olivia Uphold, student team player, expressed, “It was fun, especially since it was my first time playing with this school. I had a lot of fun hanging out with my teammates over this tournament.”

In total the volleyball team played against four teams: Midland, Georgia-Cumberland Academy, and twice against Collegedale Academy. The soccer team played against Hinsdale Academy, Collegedale Academy, Sunnydale Academy, and Ozark Academy.

When the teams weren’t playing, they were cheering on other teams and hanging out with friends from other schools. Ariel Patterson, student team player, commented, “It was fun to play and watch games, and cheer on the boys. My favorite part was seeing my friends from other schools.”

The students worshiped together with the Union College students on Sabbath and relaxed in the afternoon. The championship games and awards were on Saturday night.

Randy Ottschofski, Campion Academy soccer coach, expressed, “I am sad to have the season end, but am very proud of how the teams handled themselves whether in victory or defeat.”

—Vashty Segovia Santos, Campion Academy Student News Team. Photos supplied.