By Jamey Houghton — Franktown, Colorado…The Franktown church is coming up on one year partnering with Food Bank of the Rockies and the Castlewood Canyon Church. “Our church hosts food distribution on the second Friday of each month,” says Jamey Houghton, church pastor. We also work on advertising the event each month, he adds.

Jamey reports that they “usually have about 25 volunteers from church showing up each time to help register, set up and pass out food.” 

Food Bank for the Rockies usually brings about 10 pallets of food to pass out and we have people come from Franktown, Elizabeth, Kiowa and sometimes all the way from Bennett. 

“Several people come with trucks and if there is extra food that week they load up and take it to friends in need that can’t make it. They have a good mix of volunteers from both churches. “It is our favorite outreach! We really get to know the regulars and if they are open to it, we pray with them after we help load groceries in their cars,” he adds.  

In very cold or snowy weather, the church sets up their fellowship hall and several times they had church members bring boxes of warm clothes for kids to pass out, which have been greatly appreciated. 

We are excited to be reaching our first anniversary of our partnership, pastor Houghton comments. 

–written and photo by Jamey Houghton