By Jamey Houghton — Franktown, Colorado … The Franktown church has been partnering with Food Bank of the Rockies for the last year and a half. During the lock down, we missed one month of distribution. After that month, the health department allowed us to re-open with new guidelines for distributing food.

In the past, people have lined up with wagons, boxes and even empty laundry baskets to pick up food, passing through our tables loaded with food and choosing what they wanted. Our new guidelines require us to prepare boxes of food and have a drive-through style delivery.

So, a crew of volunteers from the Franktown and the Castlewood Canyon churches arrives at 9:30 a.m. when food is being packed into boxes for those lined up in their cars. They drive up, stay in their car and pop their trunk open. Our crew then loads the trunk with food boxes and they are on their way without ever getting out of their car. The volunteer group is made up of individuals from age seven to well into their 80s who come every second Friday to help make this happen.

We have been operating like this for several months and it has allowed us to continue to bless the people in our community with food for their families. These are people we see regularly and know many by name,” reports Jamey Houghton, church pastor.

Church prayer teams pray with the people in their cars while they wait for their turn to get food. “We are excited that we can continue to serve our community with the slight changes we have implemented,” Pastor Jamey added.

–Jamey Houghton is pastor of Franktown church; pictures, courtesy of the Franktown church’s Facebook page