Following a presentation and approval by the Rocky Mountain Conference, executive committee of RMC Health Ministry proposal to establish “The Total Health Resource and Support Center.” The ministry director, Rick Mautz, shared with the NewsNuggets his vision to open the center in the month of February 2020.  Office space will become available to use following the closure of the Denver Adventist Book Center at the end of 2019.

As the name implies, Rick Mautz, explains that this new venture will be a resource and support center for whole person wellness.

NewsNuggets:  What will the main objectives of this new project in the Rocky Mountain Conference?

Rick Mautz: There is a growing interest in prevention today.  People want to get to the cause of their health issues. They want to learn how to stay well and gain health through thing they can do themselves, through lifestyle.  This center will not only provide information through various resources and programs, but will provide ongoing support through volunteer Health Partners and Certified health coaches.  The Health Partners will use coaching skills to provide the support that participants need to make the lifestyle changes that will bring the desired health that we all want but often fail to achieve on our own.

NN: Who do you envision will provide a variety of services at the center?

RM: The good news is that the center will be manned by dedicated and skilled volunteers. That will provide the needed services with minimal impact on the RMC budget. Our goal is to be totally self sustainable through volunteers, donations and program fees.  We are actively putting together a team of health professionals and dedicated volunteers who will rotate through the center providing the needed skills to make the center a respected resource for our community and our church members.

NN: What specific programs, services and materials will be available at the center?

RM: The center will carry a limited selection of health books, health ministry supplies and some hard to find basics for making healthy dietary changes. Various health programs will be offered on a rotating basis, including such subjects as: depression, diabetes prevention and reversal, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, smoking cessation, and more.  Also cooking and exercise classes will be offered on an ongoing basis.

NN: As a church we pride ourselves of having a health message. Can we assume that the services will be directed to benefit the community, and also our own church members?

RM: This is a perfect opportunity for any church health directors to improve their ability to provide health outreach for their local community.  We are also anticipating that our local church members will take advantage of a source that will help them improve their own health and to pick up resources to help their friends and neighbors to gain better health as well.

If you are interested in interviewing for a volunteer position in this new center or if you want to donate supplies or money for some initial start-up costs, please contact RMC Health Ministry director Rick Mautz at 303-909-8274.


Photo Credit: Rajmund Dabrowski