By Rajmund Dabrowski — Denver, Colorado…“They will be called a Denver Cohort,” said Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director. Twenty-two local church leaders signed up for training to become lay pastors and met at the Rocky Mountain Conference office, September 20-22.

“Equipping men and women to serve along side their pastor will be a tremendous blessing to the local church. It will allow more ministry to take place, which will translate into more people’s lives impacted for Christ,” commented Mallory.

Nate Skaife, lead pastor at the Grand Junction Church, was the instructor of this first training event. He started teaching lay pastors in 2012 while he was ministering in the Wisconsin Church. In the words of Wilton Helm, from Aspen Park, Pastor Skaife’s training “exemplified good teaching and coaching techniques while doing the presentation.”

The next Colorado training session is planned for Grand Junction on the Western Slope, October 4-6. There are six training classes before each participant receives certification. Outside of class time, there are assignments to be completed before a candidate receives a completion of training diploma.

It became obvious that the registered candidates for training expressed their appreciation to be a part of this new initiative of the Rocky Mountain Conference. “Great training, “ said Bill Oxenford from True Life Community congregation in Littleton. “It was wonderful to be engaged with so many like-minded church workers who love Jesus and are so willing to serve him and seek those who are looking for truth,” he added.

The participants were coached in how to conduct conversations. This role playing was then critiqued. In the words of Emmanuel Jean, from Agape Haitian, “My biggest take away from this training was the discussion and interaction among the peers. This training will help me to be the brighter light on the lives of my church members and the people of my community that could be facing darkness in their spiritual lives.”

Commenting on the reason to become a trained lay pastor, Mark Royer from Trinidad, concluded with a question: “If I am not motivated and dedicated how can I expect my church to be so?”

In Denver, the next training session is planned for January 31 – February 2, 2020.

Rajmund Dabrowski with Mickey Mallory; photos by Mickey Mallory