By Michelle Velbis — Colorado Springs, Colorado…”It felt great to lead the worship,” said Elijah Lujan, 7th grader at Springs Adventist Academy. “I appreciate that they (the church) know that the children are a key factor. We are the next generation that will step up to do God’s work.”

The Springs Adventist Academy students led the worship experience at the South Seventh-day Adventist Church in Colorado Springs on September 21. The youth led out in all of the songs, prayer, scripture reading, children’s story, and worship in giving.

“Inviting and encouraging our young people to be a part or even lead in worship gives them an opportunity to be actively involved in their church. When they are an integral part of the worship service, and they have a purpose to belong, they will want to come to church,” said principal and 5thto 8th-grade teacher, Michelle Velbis.

Michelle Velbis; text and photos