Montrose, Colorado… Members of the Montrose Church were treated to a special Sabbath visit, November 23. A group of 24 Navajo students and 12 staff members from La Vida Mission traveled from Crown Point, New Mexico to present a church service with the school’s director, Steve Gillam, was the preacher of the day, with the students and teachers presenting the music. The songs were in sung in three languages, Navajo, Spanish, and English, with bells, electric chimes and recorders adding the day’s worship.

“The music was truly beautiful and inspiring. The congregation heard of how La Vida Mission has provided Adventist presence among the Navajos. Much of the information was new to many in the congregation,” reported Zane Berry, Montrose church correspondent.

Neal Kelly, who visits the mission often from Montrose, said that “La Vida’s presentation was impressive and wonderfully done. It was a very well put on performance. The whole service was exceptional.”

The school’s visit included what students anticipated as they travelled to Colorado. They enjoyed going to picturesque Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the Ute Indian Museum, and the recreation center for some relaxing swim time before heading back to New Mexico.

Zane Berry, text and photos